Hand Habits: “Wildly Idle”. Interview

Una musica delicata e catartica, ecco cosa nasconde Meagane Duffy aka Hand Habits nel suo primo lavoro Wildly Idle. La giovane cantautrice statunitense si è confessata a noi di Qube Music parlandoci della sua musica composta da una totale idea di intimità.

La sperimentazione, ormai a stretto contatto, con un certo pop internazionale viene raccontata da una delle sue future interpreti principali.

– A debut album important for your project, how was the idea of Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) born?

I  had a bunch of “songs” come to me catalytically when the opportunity to release a record with Woodsist presented itself. I had some swirling in my head, and some came from the idea of the “void”, that space where your creative eyes roll back and you are gifted with a song.

– As a debut album there’s plenty of refined sound in your music: what’s your relationship with experimentation?

A crucial intimate one. There is always an element of the experimental in everything we do as humans, and especially as musicians. Even reading from a chart can be experimental. It’s how we create our own ideas and personify them with ourselves (and others).

– What are your lyrics mainly inspired by? What do you really need to compose your music?

Life experience, visual scenes that I thought I forgot but come to me in the void as a token of importance, friends and talks with friends and strangers and intimate relationships. I need vulnerability and unhinged fearless interaction to make music worth while. Tweaking that can be the hard part.

– Yours is a very intimate and direct sound. What relationship do you think to establish with the listener? What’s its impact in live?

A personal and devotional one. I think my music isn’t attention grabbing in the frequency range that most pop music or rock music is. I detest most of the high end (ask Ged Gengras) but I believe there’s a lot of subtly in the sounds that could be easy to miss but mean a lot to me. When people are talking during the live show it feels cheap and like I’m on a set for a social media photo or something. Not always, of course, because sometimes socially/specially there’s not always a place to remove yourself to have an important conversation or be free to do as thou wish. But it’s most rewarding for listener and performer to hear and be heard.

– How would you musically match the word “intimacy”?

Soft, close and blanketed with low light.

– “I’m gonna grow” is the final statement in your album, is it likely a promise to yourself and the music as well?

 Absolutely. We are always growing, aren’t we?

Gianluigi Marsibilio


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